Originating from the Sanskrit word “मोह” – MOH literally translates as “love”. It also stands for “My Other Half”, which can be used to describe both that special someone and our own, hidden self. All MOH products are the material definition of love, and that is reflected in our name. Modern artistry, technical innovation, impeccable craftsmanship and social responsibilities are the fundamentals of MOH.

MOH combines age old tradition with flair and innovation to create iconic objet d’art that can be enjoyed every day. Every MOH article makes a statement about aesthetics that creates a natural symbiosis between minimalism and maximalism, strength and fragility, masculine and feminine.

We believe the use of our products should not be limited to the finite experiences of the physical self. Instead, they are designed to aid in the expansion of the spirit and mind. Our focus is on functional yet unique designs that provoke happiness and stimulate the senses, sparking magical connections and creating treasured memories. We are dedicated to creating synergy between product and person, through symbolic identity and material language.

At MOH modern creation is led by emotions, expressing a full and limitless brand universe through creativity, we are able to develop timeless products, both meaningful and inspirational, to people and their lives. Our journey from concept to creation has been a heady mix of trial, error and passion. Our products have been a labour of love, and we are delighted to share the fruits of those labours with you today.

About us


We are committed to exploring the unknown, pushing boundaries, and embracing innovation. Through relentless curiosity and a dedication to discovery, we seek to unveil new possibilities and redefine the limits of what is achievable. Our mission is to pioneer unexplored territories, fostering a culture that thrives on curiosity, courage, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Together, we embrace the challenge of the unknown, fuelled by the belief that the most extraordinary achievements arise from venturing beyond the familiar.

Our vision is to foster a world where individuals can place their highest values and passions. As more people gain the empowerment to pursue what truly matters to them, the future becomes increasingly promising.

We are a company founded upon the principles of excellence, innovation, dedication, and a profound respect for both individuals and the environment. Leveraging our extensive industry experience, our unwavering goal has consistently revolved around crafting exceptional products of the utmost quality.

Amidst the modern age of information access, it's crucial that we prioritise presenting the best options available. Our goal is to deliver "Opportunities for being" with greater speed, remarkable simplicity, and unprecedented proximity.

Our Mission