Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones, the other three being diamond, emerald and sapphire. Rubies are known well for their rich red colour. The rich colour is due to the presence of the elemental mineral chromium. Chromium’s ratio determines the colour of the ruby stones. Higher the amount of chromium, the richer the colour of the stone. The colour red is the primary tone of the rubies. The secondary hues can be of multiple shades including orange, pink and violet. However, the darker the tone of red the more valuable is a ruby gemstone.

Out of the four fundamental qualitative characteristics of a gemstone, the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight, a ruby is primarily measured for the richness of its hue. It is the colour which weighs the value of a ruby more than anything. It is undeniable though, that if a ruby contains inclusions or has a flawed cut it is not valued much.

Ruby is known as the birthstone of the month of the month of July and it is typically believed to signify innerstrength and vitality. Rubies are sometimes called the stones of the nobles. These stones are chosen widely for wedding solitaires and other precious jewels.

Rubies are one of the most durable gemstones, second to diamond. These are rated as nine out of ten on a scale of durability and strength. These stones are very hard and scratch resilient. Ruby makes an excellent choice if you wish to have a precious stone embedded in your jewellery that would not die soon and will always keep its rich hue. The most commonly used metal for embedding ruby is yellow gold for the combination makes a stunning impression on the eye. However, rubies can be set with any metal without tarnishing their natural beauty.


Rubies are known for their strength and durability. These stones stand well against time-wear and scratches. On a grading scale for durability, these stones are very well a 9. Rubies are made of the elemental mineral with approximately the same density as the sapphires, chromium, and that is why these stones are equally robust against damage and have a long life. Rubies are not only known for their rich red hue but chosen for precious jewels because of their durability as well.


Rubies are widely chosen as the stones for embedding in engagement rings given their rich red colour which has long signified the sentiment of true and unconditional love. Rubies are taken as a symbolism of vitality and passion and this is why it is popular among young girls. It is a lasting stone which is resistant to damage, it looks exquisite and tends to sparkle its intensity through its rich sheen.

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