A subtle differences matter the most when it comes to design aesthetics. The design elements that can make your jewellery truly one of a kind. Something completely vintage, classic or modern our jewellery consultant is always ready to deliver exceptional bespoke designs. Explore the process of creating the custom design step by step with your approval and design.

Ring Collection

Learn the differences between different designs. Select from halos, to solitaire, classic to contemporary and even three stone rings.

Setting Style

There is a variety of setting options to consider when it comes to finalise the design. Most of the setting styles are crafted to achieve specific aesthetics

Ring Profile

The ultimate look of any ring is primarily based on the variety of setting used to complement diamonds or colour gemstone. Learn more about different set of ring profile.

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The Difference

The Custom Process

Learn more about steps involve in the bespoke design process. Our expert jewellery consultant will guide you to make the perfect selection.


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