The rose cut diamond dates all the way back to the 1500s, making it one of the oldest diamond shapes in the world, but most people have not even heard of it. This individual diamond cut is hand carved, unlike machine cut brilliant diamonds seen in the majority of modern jewellery. The popularity of the rose diamond cut is growing steadily for those who are interested in getting an engagement ring that has fewer facets, less sparkle, or shine, but are still not brilliant. Rose cut diamond engagement rings today are somewhat popular, but not as popular as the other cuts. Because the rose has only 24 facets, compared to the round brilliant cut, which has 57, or 58 facets, it means that the diamond has fewer cuts within it to draw the light in and make it bounce. Rose cut diamonds have a flat bottom, without the cone shape that is present on the round, brilliant cut diamond. The rose cut diamond comes with less facets and a flat surface.

Rose cut diamonds are elegant reminders of the past, which make for a compelling centrepiece and you’ll often see rose cuts in antique style jewellery designs. But despite their rarity, this vintage diamond cut is making a comeback in modern jewellery design. You may find many artist incorporating this shape in their design aesthetics to achieve contemporary look.

Rose cut diamonds soft brilliance is unmissable like old-world romance and magical sparkle. You’ll love the clear flashes of light and simplistic faceting, which perform best under candlelight.

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