Accent gemstones are the small diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones incorporated into an engagement ring to add a touch of sparkle and glamour. Just like with Solitaire engagement rings, there is a variety of setting options to consider. Accent gemstones can embellish just a portion of the ring or fully encircle the entire band in the so-called “eternity” style.

Choosing your wedding ring is one of the biggest decisions to be made with your partner whilst planning your wedding; after all it’s going to be the one thing that will stay with you for the rest of your life and symbolises your marriage on a daily basis. Plain rings generally come in a range of metals, including precious metals like platinum, white gold and rose gold or yellow gold.

There are so many different choices and specifications to chose between and it can get a little overwhelming. The rings will also come in a variety of widths, the majority of rings are between 2mm and 10mm wide; the width can affect the comfort of the ring, and even the size needed. Different profiles are also available and a number of different finishes, the word ‘profile’ refers to the shape of the band.


Curved on the outside and comfort fit on the inside, this is a popular choice and is available in all precious metals. With its curved outer surface and matching curved inner surface, it is considered by many to be the most comfortable ring profile to wear. The court profile has long been the traditional choice for wedding ring and best match against engagement ring. Court profile rings are also known as ‘Comfort Fit’ rings due to their ease of wear.


Like the court profile a D profile ring is curved on its outer surface but its inner surface sits flat against the wearers’ finger. The flatness of the inner surface produces a snug fit which is less likely to cause the ring to snag if caught on anything. With a curved outside and flat inner surface, this ring fits closely against the finder and the domed exterior is perfect for showing off surface design.These rings are also ideal for mens with active hobbies, safer because of the streamlined design.


The outer surface is flat while the inner is curved producing a strong statement ring that is incredibly comfortable to wear. The flat exterior of these rings provide the wearer with a sleek modern edge while the curved interior benefits from a smooth comfort fit. This modern design takes into account the comforts of streamlined design, ensuring there's far less bulk and prominence than classic court and flat rings.


Double Comfort shape is also called Cushion Comfort ‘Bombe Court‘ or ‘Comfort Fit’. It is rounded on the inside, slightly flattened on the outside, and has rounded edges. The ring is both comfortable and contemporary and over the years it become popular choice.


The flat-sided court is curved on both the inside and outside but has flat sides making it appear less domed. The flat sides mean that this profile is a little more weighty than a court and can make the ring appear more substantial on the finger. The flat-sided court is a popular choice as it often sits really well next to engagement rings.


Traditional in design, this band shape is perfectly round when viewed at the cross section and will provide you with an all over comfort fit. Rings with a halo profile are completely circular, much like a tube. One of the oldest profiles, due to its simplicity to make, the halo profile dropped out of popularity during the early to mid 20th century, with people favouring the more distinctive designs of the court, flat and D profile rings.


This design is great for people who love a modern design with a clean aesthetic. A flat profile is more of a contemporary choice for a wedding ring. A chunky depth and a large width combination a flat profile can look really modern and minimalistic.


The opposite to a D-Shaped rings, this design is comfortable on the interior and the outer edge. A modern twist on the classic look. The subtle concave curving on the outer surface is very feminine, making this a beautiful alternative to one of the other, more traditional, profiles for women. Additionally, the inner surface matches that of a court profile, making it very comfortable to wear.

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