Ring heads are the top portions of engagement rings that hold the centre gemstone in place. The head can have big impact on the overall look of the engagement ring. We offer many varieties and it is important to choose the correct one.



As indicated by its name, a basket head holds the center stone in place with 4 or 6 prongs. This setting has openings underneath that allow light to pass through. It accentuates the brilliance of the stone while keeping it set low, making it comfortable to wear.


One of the most popular settings is the Channel setting, where gemstones are delicately suspended between two parallel walls of precious metal creating the look of floating diamonds uninterrupted by metal prongs. Channel setting provides graceful, elegant look.

Peg Head

A peg head is soldered separately onto the ring shank and holds the diamond a bit higher. The majority of peg head settings feature four or six prongs securing. A ring can have an integrated head or a peg head, where one with an integrated head is cast as a continuous piece of precious metal, and the centre gemstones will typically sit lower.


Bezel setting offers a totally different, modern aesthetic compare to the traditional prong setting. Bezel settings hold stones in place by encasing them seamlessly with a precious metal. Bezel settings offer a slightly more secure grip on diamonds. This is to hold the gem securely in place while enhancing the beauty and lustre of the center gemstone.

Semi Bezel

Unlike the bezel, the semi bezel setting has two thin borders of precious metal arcing around the East and West sides of the centre gem. The metal holds the stone securely in place and the openings on the top and bottom allow light to pass through.


A trellis setting is similar to a basket style but the prong designs is woven downwards towards the shank of the ring. This creates an additional design element while maintaining the basket style which allows light to pass through and sparkle to be created. They secure the gemstone low in a basket shape.


An illusion setting is a special setting designed to make a diamond look bigger than it actually is. This is accomplished by a ring of metal surrounding the girdle of the diamond. This ring diffuses the outline of the stone causing it to look larger.


Decorative setting is similar to a basket head which holds the center stone securely in place with prongs. It accentuates the brilliance of the stone while keeping it set low, making it comfortable to wear. Decorative head setting offer various basket pattern design.


A bar setting holds diamond accents in place with bars of metal on either side.

Bright Cut

Bright Cut Pave is considered the most traditional type of pave since it is one of the oldest forms of setting. The diamonds set in the middle of two walls of metal with prongs to secure the center stone.

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