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Diamonds are precious stones mined across the world. Over the years, diamond jewellery has been the most demanded. Diamond mines in Africa, Australia, Russia and Canada are the largest producers of this stone. The diamond industry generates enough revenue that some of the African countries depend on legal sale of their diamonds to support basic healthcare and education for their people. It is estimated that Africa alone produces an average $8.5 billion worth diamonds per year.

In parts of Africa, however, diamonds are sold via illegal channels to fund warfare ammunition and violent campaigns. The diamonds which are illegally sold, violating all social standards of ethics, are knowns as conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. To refrain from becoming a part of such practice, we make purchases from the most credible suppliers in the diamond industry to promote the use of “ethically sourced” diamonds. These suppliers follow to the standards which are set by the Kimberley Process for supply of ethically sourced diamonds across the world. The Kimberley process is an acknowledged method which monitors the supply of the stones right from the diamond mines to the market. Diamond Industry’s partnership with various governmental and nongovernmental organisations including the United Nations have helped greatly in reducing the sales of blood diamonds. We have a no-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds and support the use of ethically sourced diamonds.

We also make it a point to purchase diamonds from the supplies which adhere to high environmental stewardship. Processes of refining are used across the world to enhance the quality of the naturally produced stones but some of these methods are degrading the environment. To discourage the use of such refining and manufacturing methods, we support the use of environment friendly diamonds only. The largest and the most credible suppliers are contacted for this purpose.

Besides maintaining the quality of our products and ensuring that our diamonds have quality grading in all examinations, we also make sure that we engage in legal buying and selling of environment friendly diamonds only.

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