There is a common misconception around the world that white gold and platinum are the same metal. They may seem similar to an unprofessional eye but white gold and platinum are two distinct metals. Here we have given some description of both the metals to help the readers gain a basic understanding of the difference between white gold and platinum.

Platinum is a natural white metal, the purity level of which is almost ninety five percent. Platinum is dazzling white naturally and requires no artificial treatments. White gold, on the contrary, is an alloy metal. It is formed when gold is mixed with a number of white metals such as silver and palladium. Originally, white gold was a nickel alloy but due to its skin harms it has been replaced by silver and palladium. Most of the white gold pieces have seventy five percent of gold. The colour of white gold is dependent on the amount of its white metals. White gold is originally of greyish tint. Unlike platinum, white gold is plated with rhodium to develop its brilliant white sheen which is not its natural characteristic. Rhodium is similar to platinum in its chemical properties and this is why white gold gives the impression of platinum metal to a common eye. Platinum has higher density as compared to white gold and so, it makes a better choice for holding diamonds and other precious metals which cannot be embedded well in low density metals.

Platinum’s durability is much greater than that of white gold. Platinum keeps its brilliance for a good number of years. White gold loses its lustre to the environment and needs to be plated again, every twelve to eighteen months, to regain its shine. While a rhodium plated white gold piece will lose its sheen and lustre over time and requires treatment, Platinum is known for its patina, a scratch it develops over time. It is a lustre fancied by most people.





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