Precious and semi-precious gemstones are worn as jewels and embedded in ornaments around the globe. These wonders of nature have been in use for centuries. Their beauty is unique, hidden in the richness of their colour with each having a magnificence of its own. In order to make a purchase of gemstones for your jewellery, it is imperative to have a basic education in quality assessment of these stones.

Widely used in embellishment for thousands of years the gemstones are elemental or compound mineral compositions and have some of the most impactful myths and legends associated with. Gemstones are treated for astrological significance as well, some of these designated birthstones such as amethyst for February and ruby for July. Gemstones are typically evaluated on the qualitative basis to make a selection of exquisite jewellery. The five important features which determine the value of a precious or semi-precious gemstone are enlisted and briefed on, here for your understanding.

These five fundamental characteristics are as follows:

You must have a basic understanding of these five aspects of a gemstone to make a quality judgement of your own while making a purchase for yourself. It is important that you make a confident purchase for some of the gemstones are very expensive even if they are popular and used commonly. A top quality gemstone has the real value for money and that value is determined by the above-stated characteristics of the gemstones.

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  • gemstone-amythyst


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  • gemstone-fire-opal



The quality of a gemstone is evaluated in terms of the saturation of hue in the stone. A top-quality gemstone is neither too dark nor too dim in its tint, rather it has a very saturated hue. Colour is weighed as the most significant of the five aspects of a gemstone. The colour of a gemstone is examined in three different aspects; hue, tone and saturation. Hue is basically referred to as the presence of other colour reflections which are present in top quality stones, the tone is a measure of the strength of the colour and saturation implies that the stone has no brown or grey reflections which should be as minimum as possible.


Gemstones are mineral composition and are bound to contain substance concentration referred to as inclusions. In gemstones, be the darkest tints or the largely transparent ones, inclusions are rather universal and do little to deteriorate the colour and charm of these stones. Some of the gemstones naturally have lesser inclusions as compared to others and so each gemstone should be evaluated as compared to its own kind. The gemstones with moderate inclusions are the most preferred ones.


A gemstone's cut matters a lot. A good cut enhances the colour grade of the gemstone and covers for the inclusions. However, for gemstones the cuts have no standardised figure patterns since each gemstone differs from another even in the same kind, the colour is scarcely alike for all stones of one kind as well.


Gemstones tend to vary largely in size comparisons. It is not queer for two stones with equal apparent size to have different densities and mass values. Carat weight speaks less of the stone’s size for natural reasons. A ruby and an emerald may have the same carat weight but different sizes altogether.


The beauty of a gemstone lies in its apparent. For ages, the jewellers have been using various methods of enhancements to improve the visual attraction of various gemstones. There are different techniques such as heating, coating etc. Technology has lent a great deal to gemstones enhancements. A natural stone refined with these techniques gives the most beautiful appearances when worn in jewels.

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