Diamond jewellery needs to be taken care of. It is important to be conscious when wearing them. Diamonds are very hard and scratch resistant but they can break and have chip offs. The girdle gets damaged the most easily. The truth is, no matter how well made a piece of jewellery is, it will start to degrade over time.Diamond jewellery needs to be taken care off when it is worn as well as when it is put away.

It is better to take off your diamond jewellery when doing some rough chores such as gardening etc. Chlorinated chemicals should be avoided specifically. Take care of your diamonds while using hair and body sprays as well. These can be harmful to its surface in the long term. It is advised to wear diamond jewellery after completing your makeup. Remove your diamond jewellery before taking a shower and don’t ever leave your diamond solitaires lying on the sink and similar places.

Cleaning a diamond on frequent basis is basic to diamond jewellery care. Do not touch the stones with your fingers while cleaning the jewellery. It is advised to have your diamonds examined and cleaned professionally, twice a year or so. It is because diamonds are exposed to dirt, skin oils and various chemicals including the makeup and sprays. These pollutants can very well destroy the natural beauty of your diamond by hampering the natural light passage. You can prevent your precious wedding ring from being damaged or blemished with this practice. A professional can always be helpful in cleaning the diamond with utmost care.

Diamonds should always be kept separately. It is a well-known fact that diamonds are the hardest substances. Due to this hardness, these stones can scratch other diamonds or jewels very easily. To avoid this kind of damage, you should always keep your diamond jewellery separated. Soft cloth pouches make the best storage for diamonds.



Showering, bathing and swimming

We all know that diamonds are forever, but still a fair chance it may get damage if not handled well. It will start to degrade over the time as dirt can make diamonds lose their sparkle, so here are some quick tips on how to clean a diamond:

Applying cosmetic products, lotions, soaps or perfumes

Exposure to these substances can lead to the deterioration of materials and harm the colour, clarity, or brilliance of gemstones, whether this impact is immediate or gradual. Additionally, soaps and lotions can result in residue buildup beneath the stones, which not only attracts dirt but can also give them a cloudy or milky appearance over time.


Delicate jewellery is susceptible to damage when it comes into contact with weights or gym equipment, and can also be affected by pressure exerted during activities like yoga and pilates. Additionally, sweat and natural oils from your skin may lead to discolouration and potential skin reactions. Therefore, we recommend removing your jewellery beforehand to safeguard against these potential issues.

Cleaning and gardening

Engaging in cleaning and household chores, such as dishwashing, can subject your precious jewellery to contact with soaps and chemicals, as discussed earlier. Additionally, these activities can put your jewellery at risk of accidental impacts.

Hands-on work

Considering your professional circumstances, it's important to conduct a thoughtful evaluation regarding whether it's advisable to wear your jewellery during your work hours. If you find yourself uncertain about wearing your jewellery in a particular situation, it's a prudent choice to remove it for safety. Adhering to these recommendations will help ensure that your jewellery enjoys a longer lifespan and remains in its best condition.


Sleeping with high-profile jewellery, especially rings, is not advisable as they can easily become entangled and may bend or warp. However, low-profile rings like simple metal wedding bands or diamond eternity bands are generally safe to sleep in, as they pose minimal risk of catching or damage. For items like chains and statement earrings, there is a higher likelihood of tangling, stretching, or warping while sleeping. If you opt to wear these pieces to bed, we recommend exercising caution to ensure their longevity and prevent any potential issues.

When choosing a beautiful piece of jewellery for your engagement or wedding ring, it's crucial to be mindful of the extra care and maintenance requirements to preserve its lasting beauty. The assurance of our guarantee is contingent upon following the care instructions provided. Fine jewellery, by its nature, demands special attention as it matures over time. Should you have any inquiries or apprehensions regarding your piece throughout its lifetime, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are dedicated to assisting you in every possible way to ensure your jewellery remains a treasured symbol of your love and commitment.



To maintain the lustrous shine of your jewellery, utilise the included polishing cloth. For stone pieces, excluding those with special care requirements, you can clean them using warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Cleaning serves as an excellent opportunity to inspect your jewellery and ensure the stones are securely in place.

We provide complimentary cleaning services for our Bespoke pieces every 12 months, and we highly recommend taking advantage of this service. This is especially crucial for white gold pieces, as they may require re-polishing every 12-18 months to retain their brilliance.

Please exercise caution and refrain from using ultrasonic cleaners on pavé-set and delicate stone pieces, as well as those with special care stone settings, to safeguard their integrity and appearance.


When your jewellery is not in use, it's essential to store it thoughtfully. Take care to individually store each chain to prevent tangling and knotting. Similarly, ensure that your stone-adorned pieces are shielded from the risk of knocking or rubbing against other items. If feasible, consider storing each piece of jewellery in a manner that prevents direct contact with other materials or jewellery to avoid potential scratches.


Insurance is a critical consideration for your valuable pieces, particularly when their worth exceeds £4000. It's imperative to guarantee coverage for potential loss, accidental damage, or theft. Should you desire an independent valuation of your completed piece before delivery, please don't hesitate to request one.

In addition to insurance and valuations, we strongly advise maintaining an up-to-date inventory of your jewellery collection. This should include detailed images and valuations. This precautionary step will prove invaluable in case of an unfortunate event where an item goes missing or is misplaced.



Jewellery featuring gemstones, especially precious ones, demands additional attention and care. We strongly advise having pieces with stones examined by a professional every 4-6 months, taking into account regular wear, to verify the stones' security. At home, you can also perform a preliminary check by gently tapping the stone's surface with your fingertip, observing any movement or listening for clicking sounds.

Special care stones encompass a range of gems, including but not limited to opals, moonstones, pearls, and emeralds. These gemstones are characterised by their softness, fragility, or special treatment, necessitating exceptional caution and mindful handling to ensure their lasting beauty.

In the event that your jewellery has encountered an impact or if you suspect any stone may be loose, we recommend refraining from wearing it until it can be professionally assessed. This precautionary measure will help safeguard your precious stones and preserve the integrity of your jewellery.


Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth, they still warrant a level of care to guarantee their enduring beauty. Although highly resilient, diamonds can potentially chip, crack, scratch, or cleave if subjected to extreme force or sudden, intense impact. Thus, it's crucial to handle diamond pieces with great care and conduct regular inspections, adhering to the provided care instructions.

Additionally, loose diamonds can exert pressure on the metal settings, potentially causing damage. For this reason, we strongly recommend professional checks of diamond solitaires every 6-9 months to ensure their secure placement. This service is provided complimentary, ensuring the longevity of your treasured diamond jewellery.

Pavé/ Micropave

Pave set bands should be worn with care at all times, to avoid loosening stones. It's important to regularly inspect your ring for any indications of loose stones. If you've accidentally bumped or believe a stone might be loose, it's advisable to refrain from wearing it until you can have it professionally examined.



To prevent any accidental catching or tugging, it's best to refrain from wearing earrings during situations like high-impact sports or rigorous activities. If you suspect that your earring backs may be loose, kindly avoid wearing them and get in touch with us to arrange for replacements.

Necklaces / Bracelets

To When your fine chains are not in use, it's important to handle them with care to prevent tangling. If you notice any signs of a loose clasp, please refrain from wearing the necklace or bracelet and instead return it to us for inspection. Additionally, exercise caution when wearing fine chain pieces around pets or small children, as they may inadvertently pull or catch the chains, potentially causing stretching or snapping that could result in injury. To maintain their condition, store fine chains separately to prevent tangling and knotting.

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