Accent gemstones are the small diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones incorporated into an engagement ring to add a touch of sparkle and glamour. Just like with Solitaire engagement rings, there is a variety of setting options to consider. Accent gemstones can embellish just a portion of the ring or fully encircle the entire band in the so-called “eternity” style.



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The Channel setting, where gemstones are delicately suspended between two parallel walls of precious metal for a graceful, elegant look.


This style with a shared prong setting, adjacent gemstones share precious metal prongs to allow more light to pass through and illuminate them in a dramatic fashion. Minimising the metal in this way ensures that light hits the diamonds and enables them to sparkle well.


A peg head is soldered separately onto the ring shank and holds the diamond a bit higher. The majority of peg head settings feature four or six prongs securing. A ring can have an integrated head or a peg head, where one with an integrated head is cast as a continuous piece of precious metal, and the centre gemstones will typically sit lower.


Bezel settings hold stones in place by encasing them seamlessly with a precious metal. Bezel settings offer a slightly more secure grip on diamonds. This setting holds the diamond securely in place and adds a pretty design element


The bar setting is a variation of the popular channel setting, where gems are held in place between parallel vertical channels.


A flush-set diamond is enclosed completely by metal. The top of the stone is visible, with the rest is set within metal, creating a smooth surface. Flush settings are very secure, but because only the tops of the diamond or diamonds are visible, sparkle is somewhat lower than other setting styles.


The setting is metal beads with small “U” shaped cut-outs create a scalloped effect for additional sophistication and design element to the ring setting. This is another variation of the pave setting style.


The basis of the fishtail setting style is two small, but secure beads and two “pushed-over” sections of metal on the girdle of the diamond. The diamonds are set very low in the metal that is shaped like delicate fishtails when seen from particular angle. It is an extremely secure setting for rows of diamonds but it is also very elegant giving the sophisticated look.


Surface prong setting is essentially the exact same thing as a bead setting, but without the accompanying rails on either side. There is the base metal underneath the stones and beads of prongs added on top to hold the stones.


This has rails similar to a channel set, but they are typically thinner and sometimes accented with a milgrain beaded edge. The rails in this setting do not hold the stones in, but rather then "beads" in between the stones. One bead will sometimes hold in up to two stones..

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